• Melodye

      Thanks so much, Carol.

      My friend is a fighter, same as Hillary. I have EVERY confidence that they’ll pull through with flying colors.

    • Melodye

      It gives ME chills, too. Serendipity, synchronicity…there’s probably a scientific name for this confluence of goodness, but I just call it shivery-magic..

      And yes, those seals are adorable! They’ve stolen my heart.

  1. Loved this blog, Melodye. I am keeping the sounds of the ocean on while I write this. I love the smallest seal who can’t seem to find a comfortable place to sleep or rest. Reminds me of the tale of princess and the pea. And also of my getting ready to settle down at night, too. A lot of adjusting of pillows and blankets take place!

    I also wish your friend the very best. And if I could vote, I would definitely vote for Hillary. Great that you are a volunteer on Hillary’s behalf! And so typical of her to reach out to someone. She will make a fine president.

    Your sea “world” is a joy to watch! xo

    • Melodye

      I love that baby seal! And the beleaguered but ever-watchful mama who keeps her energetic pup from tumbling into the sea. By the way, did you see him make a guest appearance in the second video? Hilarious.

      But to the larger point–thanks for your well-wishes for my friend and for Madam Secretary! This is the election of our lifetime, and I have every confidence that Hillary will shatter that highest, hardest glass ceiling, brush off the campaign shards and get right to work on everyone’s behalf.

  2. Gretchen

    I love these pics of our harbor seal family! I recognize Freckles, oblivious to the waves around him! Haha! They make my heart smile too!

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