• Melodye Shore

      I think we all are Tricksters, in some ways. Some, more so than others. 🙂

    • Melodye Shore

      Ah, interesting to think about! Can you think of any examples from the Bible or other religious texts? I’m going to be pondering this one for a while now… 🙂

  1. what a wonderful post!
    now i know a bit more about what the word trickster
    much more meanings
    that i wonder whether i have chosen
    the right one ;^))


    • Melodye Shore

      Patrice, that’s the big fun of these challenges, isn’t it? Seeing so many interpretations of the same word, based on each blogger’s unique style, sensibilities, and point of view…I’m inspired by everyone’s creativity, imagination and approach.

  2. wonderful interpretation Melody, interesting, yes there are quite some tricks used both by fauna and flora to survive, amazing world, your photos are great illustrations here, and yes you look like a trickster yourself 🙂 xx

  3. So many facets of a trickster! That was quite a colourful, funny and informative post! Take care of your cookies!! 😉

  4. hee hee. you tricked us, gently!! ;))) how fetching.
    seen from your images your photography is quite on its way, melodye! since you asked about images and tips on photoshopping, i must admit i took the knowledge and practice from the net. one thing i learned through it is patience, because sometimes it takes me a long time to get to the heart of a solution. a golden tip from school is, make an image IN your camera, so working on it is unnecessary or reduced to an absolute minimum. composition indeed is everything. thxs for your wonderful words! n♥

  5. Ha! I’ve got those darn gulls here too! Nothing’s safe from those tricksters. Lovely photos and a wonderfully happy post Melodye. Thank you.
    I’m very late checking back with everyone because I forgot my pc charger and was computer free for the whole weekend! 😀 What am I like? Hope you have a wonderful week. Big hugs.

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