1. I love that you do this. So much I do. πŸ™‚

    The Mighty Magic 8-Ball has yet to let me down so I put a little bit of stock into the answers. πŸ™‚

    Okay…. Mighty Magic 8-Ball, seer and knower of all things worth seeing and knowing… will the decision I made regarding my writing career such as it is, prove to be the right one for me?

    I’m glad to enter yet another year with you as my friend, Melodye. You bring wisdom and calm into my life and you’re a fantastic person. I’m fortunate to know you. And I believe that ’13 will be a GREAT year. I’m planning on working as hard as I can to make it so!

    • And just because I’m dying to know…

      Oh Magic 8 Ball… given the path I’ve laid out before me, will I see the fruits of my efforts this year bloom?

      • Magic 8-Ball says: Most Likely.

        Melodye says: This is one of my favorite blog events. It’s so much fun…like a New Year’s party, almost. Thanks for your kind words, Kevin. I treasure your friendship, too. I’m grateful that LJ brought us together, thankful for the time we broke bread together, appreciative of the many conversations we’ve shared. Happy New Year, my friend. This is your lucky year–I can sense it!

  2. Oh wise and mystical orb of magic, will my secret wish come true this year?

    I’m so happy you did this again, Melodye. Much happiness, good health and success to you in 2013!

    • Magic 8-Ball says: It Is Definitely So.

      Melodye says: The orbital oracle is feeling especially positive this year, judging by the responses it’s given so far. I’m so happy your secret wish will come to fruition this year…may I celebrate with you, when that happens? Wishing you a joyful, healthful and peaceful 2013, my tulip-loving friend. πŸ™‚ xoxo

    • Magic 8-Ball says: As I See It, YES.

      Melodye says: Yay!! That’s my goal and prayer. Any interest in being a beta reader? I’m working through the first round of beta reader-inspired revisions, and would like very much to hear your thoughts, at some point, too. Regardless of your answer, I’m wishing for you all the best 2013 has to offer! xo

    • Magic 8-Ball says: YES

      Melodye says: Wow, the orbital oracle is on a roll…not a single NO/ambiguous answer yet! I’m glad it’s pointing you in a positive direction, too. Can’t wait to see how your Big Writing Plans turn out. You’ll report back, won’t you? πŸ™‚ xo

    • Re: Eightball

      LOL, Magic 8-Ball says: Better Not Tell You Now.

      Melodye says: No idea what that means, but ha, too funny–that’s the first ambigous answer the Magic 8-Ball’s given so far. Happy New Year, my friend. xo πŸ™‚

    • Magic 8-Ball says: Most Certainly!

      Melodye says: That’s my plan, too. At least once a week, that’s what I’m aiming for. That, plus commenting more on other people’s blogs.

      Funny that this came up today…I just mentioned it on Facebook. Our beloved blogging neighborhood has fallen onto hard times, and if it’s going to survive, it’ll need some serious TLC. Is there enough motivation here to make that happen? I’m not sure. But it’s so gratifying to reconnect with long-time LJ friends, to catch up on the latest and lay down plans for the future… It’s these sprawling conversations that I miss the most. So I’m willing do my part, to help build things up again.

      Happy New Year, my long-time, treasured friend. xoxo

  3. Oh magic 8 ball, will the oil companies drill this year and hit oil on the old family farm? You were close last year but they didn’t drill but someone contacted and wanted to buy my mineral rights. Not going to sell them, just lease them since I consider this a gift from heaven above.
    Papadan says:Have missed you and enjoyed this post. Reflecting over this past year I can say I have been blessed with health and enjoyment in retirement. I have found friends in here and a couple of very special friends. Melodye, I am so glad to have you as a true friend. May the Good Lord above fill you with the energy to continue on your writing course and finish your book. May you also continue to be used to spread the word about those less fortunate at any speaking engagement you come across. Wishing you and yours a blessed new year.

    • Magic 8-Ball says: It Is Definitely So. πŸ™‚

      Melodye says: You are wise to retain your rights, trading away short term profits for long-term gain. (Disclaimer: I’m not a financial adviser, and I shouldn’t play one on LJ, either. But your course of action makes total sense to me.)

      I’m grateful for our friendship, too–a treasure far surpassing any monetary gain. I’m sorry I was AWOL this year…I dug into WITNESS, and truth be told, it drained me. But I’m closer to the finish line than I ever dreamed possible this time last year, so THANK YOU FOR STICKING WITH ME! xoxo

    • Magic 8-Ball says: It is Decidedly So

      Melodye says: I’m so glad for you. You’ve worked so hard, for so long. You deserve the peace of mind (and joy) that comes of knowing your financial needs are being met. Happy New Year, Leadia! I’m so rich for your friendship! If laughter were spendable currency, you’d have showered your friends with money….

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