• I found a collection of Depression-era book reviews amongst my father-in-law’s possessions. They’re clipped from the DALLAS MORNING NEWS and other Texas newspapers. Most were mailed to him (and written by) his cousin Sarah Choklah, but this one also caught my eye. I’m pretty sure you can see why. 😉

  1. Felicitous phrasing and homiletical interest–very good ^_^

    I bespeak for it a wide circulation –I like Mr. Bassett’s own felicitous phrasing very much–it has a 19th-century quality.

    • I like Mr. Bassett’s own felicitous phrasing

      Ha, me too!!

      I think it’s pretty awesome to be able to see firsthand the stylistic flourishes–not to mention, the subject matter–in book reviews written Way Back When!

      (Note the story behind this Nancy Drew discovery, in my comment above.)

        • Yes! In an era where everything “real” gets discarded, in favor of digitized formats, I think it’s wonderful (important!) to have, hold, and otherwise sense the actual object. History, come to life! With that in mind, I put out an all-call on Facebook: Surely, some library would want them for their collection? Long story made short, I found a Texas library that’s eager to share them with its patrons. After I finish scanning them, I’ll pass them along. In turn, they’ll place these gems in their genealogical/historical archives, and will put them on occasional display. Don’t you just love a happy ending/new beginning? 🙂

  2. Oh wow! it’s so cool that you have acces to this kind of things, you have history in your hands. Soemthing our kids will never have with the computer era.

    • you have history in your hands. Soemthing our kids will never have with the computer era.

      YES! You get it. 🙂

      There’s lots to be said for digitized archives, but nothing beats the texture, sight, smell, and hands-on qualities of the genuine article! I’m so happy this collection –intact, in its original form–will be made available to a wider (receptive) audience of readers.

    • No. It’s pure happenstance –serendipity?–that I found this article amidst a collection of book reviews written by someone connected to my family (a close relative of my father-in-law). Fascinating stuff, don’t you think? 🙂

      • Yes, definitely fascinating. It always makes me want to go read the book to see if I agree, too. Sometimes it is good, but usually not.

          • other titles

            Melodye, did you look at his other works as listed on amazon.com? I think there are eight or nine different books… and of them, the most curious title (to my eye, anyway) was this one:

            “General Houston as a wooer ”

            Wonder what THAT’S about? — PL

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