• So fun to share it with you, Lorraine! I feel as if we should put it in a pretty vase, as centerpiece for a lovely afternoon tea.

      It’s supposed to be creamy white with yellow undertones, by the way, but surprise! It’s yellow in the center, as you can see. That’s okay, because the frilly yellow petals remind me of Curly, my Nana’s canary. *smiling at the thought*

  1. What kind of rose is it? Nice foliage for a hybrid tea!! Is it fragrant?

    My roses are leafing out but we don’t get blossoms until next month (at the earliest)

    • It’s called White Licorice. I’m a sucker for fragrant roses, so the catalog copy convinced me I should buy it: “These pastel lemon-chiffon to ivory-white blooms may appear quiet and subdued, but they literally shout their presence with unparalleled perfume – a sweet licorice and lemon blossom aroma that will make you swoon with delight.” How’s that for good writing? 🙂

      Sadly, I must admit that those beautiful leaves are now covered with black spot–victims of our hot/cold, wet/arid temps of late, plus (ahem) the unintentional overwatering of an overly attentive mama. But thanks to good gardening advice from my local nursery and FB friends, I think I’ve got that under control now. The plants will look better when glossy new leaves replace the diseased ones (please oh please, let that be true). 🙁

  2. And a very lovely blossom it is. The lady bug was protecting the bud so that it can mature to the beautiful flower it is. Just got to love Mother Nature as she puts on the lovely colors just for us.

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