• Ahem. I wasn’t around in the 40s, either. 🙂

      That said, I think it’s interesting to note how this flyer compares to his advertisements from the 50s-60s. No mention here of faith healings, for instance. It’s more homespun, and the emphasis is placed on music.

      Which evangelist(s) did you see in the tent revivals you attended? (Where and when, if you don’t mind my asking…)

  1. Hmmm, I’d have to poke around a bit. Nothing like that exists for my father’s revival meetings, but I might be able to dig up something similar.

    Of the feature-length (non-documentary) films available, I’d probably say it’s a cross between Robert Duvall’s portrayal of THE APOSTLE, Steve Martin’s performance in LEAP OF FAITH, and (of course) the classic ELMER GANTRY. Some elements, however, you can’t replicate without being there–although I’m trying my hardest to do that with CAN I GET A WITNESS? 🙂

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