• I loved watching the jaguar size up, and then attack his “prey.” So much so that I posted another picture of him for Wordless Wednesday. 🙂

      I did, in fact, see that video a while back. But it’s definitely worth another viewing. Thanks for linking it here!

      • The fact that such a fierce beast is “attacking” a watermelon is pretty funny and that alone makes this photo amusing and worthwhile. But as I looked at this one and the other one from the same sequence that you posted on your “Wordless Wednesday” entry, I found myself almost mesmerized by the pattern of spots on this cat’s pelt. Beautiful!

        Good job, shutterbug!

        • I’m in awe of that spotted coat, and the musclebound cat that wears it. Oh, and such fierce prey, that watermelon! I can easily see why the jaguar eyed it suspiciously beforehand. 🙂

    • One of the attendants said they don’t normally eat watermelon, seeing as how they’re carnivores (rawrrr!). The melons are more toy to them than food. They don’t digest them all that well, apparently, but it makes for good entertainment…

      (I posted another picture of the jaguar this morning, for Wordless Wednesday. Maybe your kids would enjoy thinking up a caption?)

  1. Those are great pictures, Melodye! It looks like it was a fascinating trip. I especially like the picture of the cat with the watermelon. 🙂 I don’t suppose there are many animals with teeth serious enough to bite into one of those.

    • He’s my favorite, too! My new camera allows me to take a ton of pictures per second, which made for an amazing flip-book sequence with that watermelon. (In one, he’s sizing up the watermelon before attacking it. I posted that this morning, for Wordless Wednesday.)

    • It’s so much fun to watch them in action–up close, but from a safe distance. The snow leopard was very affectionate with her handler, but as she later pointed out, big cats can (and do) turn on you in a split second.

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