• Melodye Shore

      I’m no poet, but hey: after several hours of yanking weeds and pruning bushes, I can easily sympathize with that creaky, shake-off-the-rust feeling. Poor truck.:)

      Flashback time: When you bought frozen treats from an ice cream truck, what were your favorites? I loved the rainbow sherbet Push-up Pops and Nutty Buddies.

    • Esther Loveridge

      Clever writing. Somehow, going to the store for an ice cream will never hold the place in our memories as much as getting an ice cream from the truck passing by our houses. In my case, it was the man in the truck selling donuts! Actually had to chase him down the street a few times.

    • Melodye Shore

      My favorite, too! I don’t know how it happened that the blue sky found its reflection among all that rusted metal, but yeah…it seems to me a certain kind of magic.

      Thanks, by the way, for indulging me (i.e., serving as lookout, idling car at the ready) while I snapped those photographs. It was fun to examine the truck up close, and I couldn’t have done that without your help.

      • Ahh…so that’s how you got these great shots. You had a getaway driver! Must remember that next time I head out to photog this. Great photos, Melodye. And yes, especially the last one. Another for your photo gallery show. 😉

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