1. Laura Ennis

    Thanks to you, Melodye has been posting pictures of the seals and I love them. Your tattoos look wonderful! Continue to fight just as you’re doing – my thoughts and prayers are with you.

  2. Terri Coppersmith

    I love your tattoos! They’re beautiful and bold and strong, just like the woman who proudly wears them. Sending you healing energy and virtual hugs in vast amounts! We’re keeping you in our thoughts.

  3. Sheryll Fong

    Beat that cancer back with those Boston Red Sox’s bats! I pray that your friend will be blessed with many more years to fight, and that Jesus will give her peace and bear her up on eagles wings!

  4. Dan Seale

    Keep on fighting and stay strong. You have put a lot of friends in your corner. Keep your chin up and those Red Soxs going. This is from a Yankee and Texas Ranger fan.

  5. Tamara Willems

    Beauty abounds in the love and determination both of your beautiful hearts shine brightly!
    Wonderful to see your friend looking healthy and strong.
    Heaps of Love and Kindness to find you both and keep you well. xx ♥♥

  6. Pamela Courtney

    Kicking butt and taking names, I see. Love the idea of the tattoos. Touching and agreeing for health and strength. Man I love this community.

  7. Catherine Ipcizade

    There is so much beauty in this – so much spirit! You are a beautiful woman, and resilience and a bit of fantastic sassiness resides in your eyes and in the bravery of your new locks. You’ve reminded me that today is what we make of it. I’ll choose now to go forth living with intention as you’re clearly doing here. Though we don’t know each other…love to you. You’re in my thoughts.

  8. Sending big hugs and blessings for your courageous journey! You inspire us all to follow our dreams and believe in the power of Nature to heal. ?

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