1. I love how you are stepping right into that discomfort. That is the most powerful healing motion for our hearts. Happy singing, dear friend, I’m proud of your courage. <3

  2. Tamara Willems

    Melodye, your post today absolutely broke my heart, and somehow lifted it up in the same sitting. Through the sadness and the joy of this, and through my sudden flood of tears, the little girl that was me recognized a beautiful kindred soul in the little girl that was you. A very BIG hug of Love and Courage and all good wishes to you on this Wondrous adventure of your heart and beautiful spirit. You absolutely have touched mine, and I thank you for this <3

  3. I hope your voice returned to you yesterday–I hope it burst out from me in joy. I hope that environment, so many people singing with all their hearts, welcomed you and purged the poison of your mother’s words.

  4. I’m catching up on your life’s adventures, and this post drew me in immediately. Oh my, how I can relate to your story. Like you I am in the midst of profound healing – and I can now see how holding onto those unkind words from my childhood has hurt me. I am reading forward now to hear the rest of your story . . . I will say this, if you stand next to me and sing, you will always sound glorious! I can dance, but I sure can’t sing! Love the photo of you and your sisters as the warm-up act, too!

  5. Oh, Melodye. I just found this link via your American Girls post and am so happy for you. And so proud of your heart and courage. You were meant to sing!

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