1. Melodye Shore

    Sure thing! I love that these wee little creatures have needle-like beaks, and that they can stitch our lives (and stories) together.

  2. Liz

    Melodye. Melodye. You have a Special Gift with words. Especially relating to Hummingbirds. I am glad you are writing these stories. Looking forward to all the “chapters” you will be writing about Aryana, Wendy and Peter. All of us Phoebe Phriends, really, really are loving their continuing saga. We are getting our daily “fix” once again. THANK YOU!!!! THANK YOU!!!!

    • Melodye Shore

      I feel so fortunate to find myself in Phoebe’s circle of fans and friends. I’m learning from you, and am inspired by your devotion.

  3. Esther Loveridge

    That is so sweet and just goes to show us how little it takes to spread the good news of peace. Thank you, Melodye.

    • Melodye Shore

      So true, Esther. Peace is carried on a hummingbird’s iridescent wings, and builds its nest in our hearts.

    • Melodye Shore

      I know nothing about writing for children, but I’m open to the possibilities, and mentoring. 🙂

      • liz

        You are gifted with words. You could write the story of Aryana, Wendy and Peter with one hand tied behind your back dear. Between your words and the stories the pictures show? Oh, and must not forget to include “The Black Pearls” that fall to earth, we know not where! 😉 Pretty please with “bug slurry” on top! <3

    • Melodye Shore

      It’s my pleasure, truly!

      “Miracles find you.” Such a wondrous, wonderful thing to say.

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