1. Oh man, I wish that I had! It’s the one real regret that I have.

    These, too, are Murano pens….they’re part of a larger collection of pens, journals and whatnots I discovered in a stationary shop in Rome. Just as soon as I crossed the threshold, I thought I’d died and gone to heaven.

  2. I’m wondering if my fella would get along with your fella as well as you and I relate. The men sound as if they’re cut from the same spreadsheet.

    I’m glad we’ve all found each other. 🙂

      • I wonder if our “Jack Sprat and his wife” relationship might be more common than I originally thought. Makes for some interesting adventures, doesn’t it? (My friends refer to my husband as “He, with the permanently raised eyebrows”) 😀

    • Hmmm, we’d have to double check the data in each cell, column, and row. That’s the only way to be certain, as you well know.

      LOL, just kidding. I tend to navigate my world intuitively-and I’ve never doubted for a moment that our friendship was meant to be. It’s a blessing for which I could provide oodles of supporting data. 😉

  3. Opposites really do attract, I believe. My husband and I are very different in many ways, but it’s humor- definitely humor – that makes it work.

    And….LOVE the pens. Makes me want to write a letter!

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