Rhino Writing

Fast Fact: Rhinoceroses have the thickest skin of any terrestrial mammal, and the thickest skin in relation to their size, of any animal. The skin on their backs and flanks can be 1 inch thick.

Some days, in order to get my ideas out of my head and down onto a page, I have to silence my inner critic and ignore, for a time, my imaginary audience. I have to concentrate on my writing, without worrying about reactions.

Today is one of those days. In order to gain forward momentum on a sensitive subject, I’ve covered myself with a proverbial thick skin. I think I’m going to call this Rhino Writing.

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  1. Rhino Reading

    This idea can be applied to those of us that are in various critique groups as well. It’s not always easy to crit a fellow authors work “professionally”, without allowing your personal prefrences to interfere. But you’re there to do a job, and to keep it neutral, or “thick skinned” is really the best way.

    Let’s talk about other Rhino applications: ( LOL ) Rhino parenting – requires a VERY thick skin at times.

    Rhino shopping – you’ll need a thick skin to avoid being pricked by every sales gimmic out there so you don’t spend allof your money.

    Rhino appetite — my favorite! Obviously, I really need this and DONT have it…as I fall prey to every lucious scent, every doughy bakery treat and piece of SEES chocolate I come across!

    Oh, well…that’s where the Rhino attitude comes in.


  2. I like the idea of ignoring the inner critic, of writing without worrying about the potential reaction when some day someone important reads your work. Makes sense that it might help. Good thoughts.

      • Still waiting…it’s only been a week. I actually went to the MFA faculty reading at CSULB this past Thursday, but I’ll definitely be at the Pure Fiction League this Thursday. It pains me to miss it. Thanks for caring. 🙂

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