• Thanks, Jama. I think it’s healthy to acknowledge that life isn’t all Goodness and Light, that even the holidays aren’t all glittery-perfect. And still, we rise. 🙂

  1. I’ve had that experience, too, of poetry that seems to have most doors shut and windows locked, and that’s not my cup of tea. I try to leave some mystery when I write, but balance it with clarity. Work that takes a while — so I could relate to all that waiting for the bird in the poem!

    And what a great contribution to Poetry Friday is this poem from one of our national treasures. I’ve twice had the great privilege of hearing Maya Angelou in person, striding across a stage, waking up us all with her honesty and hope. Thank you!

    • Your poetry is exquisite, Jeannine, and very much accessible. I love it so very much.

      I saw Maya Angelou speak in San Diego. As with her gorgeous writing, I was transfixed by her presence…the world around me just disssolved, and I was carried away to another place.

    • It’s gorgeous, Lorraine! I’m inspired by Maya Angelou’s story…the fact that she’s dedicated her life to spreading hope and joy. Her writing is so honest, so beautiful and true.

      I got your package–THANK YOU! Though I wish we could have shared it together, the tea was delicious. And your daughter’s hummingbird painting was gorgeous, as were the sentiments inside. Truly, it’s one of the most beautiful, expressive cards I’ve ever received, and I will treasure it always.

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