1. I love your solstice grapefruit (“greatfruit”), with its sparkling beads of water. It’s a moon or sun, isn’t it!

    (Lovely that you can *grow* these.)

    • Thanks for the compliment, Tracy! It means a lot, coming from a seasoned photographer like you. I need to practice more with the DSLR camera–I’ve hardly touched it since taking lessons.

      I appreciate very much the dry thoughts, even if the results are a bit delayed. The weather forecast for tonight and tomorrow? Heaviest rains of the season, plus lightning and thunder (a rarity around here)!

  2. Happy Solstice, Melodye. Gorgeous grapefruit! Glad to hear you’re not in any danger from the rains. My family in Hawaii has been getting their share of wet, too.

    • The hardest rains are hitting now. Here’s hoping the buckets outside our garage door help keep the water at bay, and that the drains in the backyard don’t back up any further.

      Happy Solstice! Sending out positive thoughts to your family, in hopes they stay safe and (relatively) dry…They’re calling these storms The Pineapple Express–I think because they have their origins in Hawaii and thereabouts. 🙂

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