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Giant, the self-described “ultimate entertainment magazine,” placed The Graduate at the top of its list of the “50 Greatest Movie Soundtracks of All Time.”

Executive editor Alison Prato justifies that soundtrack’s selection by asserting that it “resonates with every generation.” But Michael Kane of the NY Post calls this choice “a copout,” suggesting that “the music chosen for a movie soundtrack should be a diverse selection that reflects the multiple facets of its characters…every bit as varied as the range of emotions shown by the protagonist on screen.”

So today I’m wondering which movie soundtrack best represents my own life, and which ones match up with the women I’m writing about. Stay tuned and I’ll give you the songlists when I’ve compiled them.

If The Graduate doesn’t strike a chord, what movie soundtrack would you choose as the perfect representation of who you (or your book’s characters) are?




  1. Music and writing

    For me, go hand in hand. I posted this on Nadia’s blog, but here are my thoughts on it: I have a “soundtrack” I compile for each novel. My teenagers usually assist me in this process, but I find it’s absolutely vital to my creative muse. And I skip the “warm up” phase of writing each morning, cause the music just sets the tone and I sit right down and I’m into it.

    Lyrics and melody and mood influence which songs go into the mixes. For example: While I was writing YA, I picked out current pop stuff particular in lyrics and mood and beat to the story. MAGIC HANDS, the story Nadia’s trying to sell for me right now, is about a high school senior who comes to realize just how catty the world of females is when he takes a job doing nails! Michelle Branch’s first album just fit the various swings and turns in the story to perfection.

    Odd? I’d love to know if other fiction authors work with music.

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