• Melodye Shore

      Such beautiful travelers, these Monarchs. Here’s to successful migrations, and to their numbers multiplying exponentially, this and every year from now on!

  1. Tanya

    I admire the dedication Mrs. Gilson has had with restoring Gibbs Park and her passion for educating others about Monarchs.

    • Melodye Shore

      I share your admiration for Ms. Gilson, her passions and her project. She’s one in a million, and I hope to meet up with her again.

      (Thanks for stopping by my blog…glad to “meet” you, Tanya!)

  2. Melodye Shore

    In sharing my story, I hope encourage others to venture outdoors–that’s where magic lives, and beauty. I love that we have so many wondrous opportunities available to us, for very little (if any) money.

    So yes, here’s to laying out the welcome mat for the Western Monarchs, and to inviting people to visit their overwintering habitat in HB. Such an amazing experience, so easily accessible!

  3. Farhaana

    We went to see the butterflies and most of them were gone. We still enjoyed seeing the few that were left flitting around. The kids also enjoyed the birds at the pond. Maybe next year…

    • Melodye Shore

      I’m sorry you missed seeing their cluster this year, but I hope to meet you at the eucalyptus grove next year…

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