1. Makes sense that the bird house would catch your eye! 🙂

    If you choose Santa Barbara as your winter getaway, you will LOVE it! It’s really laid-back, and extraordinarily beautiful. Not for nothing is it called the Pacific Riviera!

    Oh, and don’t forget to explore the surrounding areas, some of which I’ve linked in this entry.

    (Full disclaimer: We got married in the clock tower of the Santa Barbara Courthouse, so it holds a special place in my heart.)

    • Ah yes, the earth holds tight the scentec memory of lavender, even after the last bouquet is harvested.

      (We are of similar minds about wanting to sit a spell at that bistro table when the fields are awash in purple. Next summer, for sure!)

  2. Oh, lovely! That is where my husband grew up, actually, so we go there often (but almost always in summer). I can almost smell it from your pictures–that special anise/chaparral smell I’ve only ever encountered there.

  3. I love seeing the world through your lens! It’s funny, all the years we lived in California, and we never made it to Santa Barbara. We’ll have to make it a destination one of these days.
    It looks like you had a sweet little vacation. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  4. Your post has made me decide to take my camera with me as I travel in and out and around about town. I have see some interesting things and wished I had my camera to capture that special scene. I enjoyed your “Look” as you went out and about.

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