• Melodye Shore

      Thanks for stopping by my little backyard habitat, Margaret! I’m really enjoying all the nature photos you brought home from your lakeside cabin.

  1. Pamela Reese

    beautiful as always, Melodye.
    I love the way you cherish nature and the hope, beauty, and joy it offers us all.

  2. Mei-Ling

    It truly is nothing short of a miracle. Love your pictures where you see the wings inside. A little like all of us just waiting to be set free.

    • Melodye Shore

      What a lovely way to imagine things…thank you for inviting me to look at chrysalises with fresh eyes.

    • Melodye Shore

      Hi Barb! SO good to see you! And you’re so right: In a scorched-earth environment, hope offers us a long drink of cool, fresh water…

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