1. It just goes to show how simple it is to turn a negative into a day of joy!
    Reminder to self: add one bellyful of herring to shopping list.

  2. Pamela Reese

    I love how Freckles takes life in stride…or flipper…
    Reminds me of those “be like…” posts.
    This is Freckles
    He loves life
    He doesn’t worry over things he can’t change.
    Be like Freckles

    Thanks. Lovely as always

    • Melodye Shore

      He’s so chill, our Freckles. I love watching his antics, and even when he’s napping (most of the time), he’s got a smile on his face.

  3. Carol Baldwin

    love his smiles and laughs! “IN everything give thanks…” Sometimes it’s easier to do that than others.

    • Melodye Shore

      You’re so right, Carol. We are happiest when we find room for gratitude in every little thing.

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