1. I loved the August Break and it was so nice to find your blog and start following it. Looking forward to seeing what you do in the future. Your photos were great!

    • Melodye

      I’ve really enjoyed watching the ways in which you’ve expressed your creativity during the August challenge, and am happy that we’re embarking on yet another adventure together!

      (I couldn’t find the “Subscribe” button on your blog. Can you help me?)

    • Melodye

      Wow, beautifully written, but such a melancholy piece! I do understand the wistfulness that wafts through the open windows on a late August morning. Worse, for this weather wimp, the way my breath would freeze into crystalized tears and I wished for wings, so that I could migrate with the songbirds to warmer climates. But this essay goes a step further, doesn’t it?

      Unrealized dreams, self-imposed guilt and lingering regrets…they can steal the joys of singular moments and tinge with sadness the blessings available to us in every season. That much I’ve learned, if nothing else. Time flies so quickly, so we do our best to savor all that is, in this very moment.

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