• Melodye Shore

      So happy to host this group, and to celebrate Earth Day together in unique & meaningful ways!

      Looking forward to seeing your contribution, Tammie!

      • Melodye Shore

        Tammie, I loved your blog entry but am having trouble posting a comment there. I’ll keep trying, but meantime, I’ll copy/paste it here…

        Bridge-building is a marvel and a wonderful metaphor–the perfect way to celebrate Earth Day!

        Thank you for sharing your beautiful corner of the world. Mother Nature puts on quite a show for you, doesn’t she?

        • I wonder why you can not leave a comment. You are the first person to tell me that, ever. Darn and drat. Thank you for coming by and yes, it is beautiful and wild here.

    • Melodye Shore

      Thanks for bringing us all together again, Veronica! I loved seeing your cabin’s rebirth (not to mention, all the personal renewals).

  1. wow, that is all so lovely, you’re garden intentions ànd executions! oh dear, the only thing i do with my tiny patch of garden is look at it (contentedly) and mow the corner of grass… oh, quite happy with that too! ☺
    but it’s lovely to read about yours and i finished my blogpost by listening to the sea splashing in the backgrounds… YOUR CA sea! ;)))
    thxs for hosting, melodye. i was late letting myself participate, but my post might throw an explanatory light on that.
    cheerio, now sit some more in that dream garden of yours and santé! to mother earth. n♥

    • Melodye Shore

      Same to you, Jama! I know you are as devoted to “all creatures, great and small,” same as I am. Give your bears & bunnies an extra squeeze for me.

    • Melodye Shore

      Well, it’s not a competition, per se. It’s more about creating an online gallery, each person adding his/her ideas to the whole.

      Thanks for stopping by! Have fun celebrating Earth Day in your new home & garden.

    • Melodye Shore

      Such a nice thing to say, Pamela. Thank you–and thank you for sharing your special brand of magic.

      Like you, I believe in science, and I believe in magic and miracles. They are inexorably intertwined, and not mutually exclusive… 🙂

    • Melodye Shore

      So glad you’ve joined us, Carol! Happy Earth Weekend to you, as well. Mother Nature gives us something new & wonderful to celebrate every day, doesn’t she? Looking forward to seeing your contribution to our “gallery.”

    • Melodye Shore

      I like, too, that the ripples suggest the impact each of us has on the whole. One positive, nurturing action leads to another, for the benefit of us all.

      Happy Earth Day, Barb! And thanks again for sharing your lovely tulip garden on your blog.

  2. Veronica Roth

    Love your beach videos Melodye. I’m glad you post them so I can see them. That little seal is so cute. And your hummingbirds! Amazing. That little hummingbird I was feeding all winter is still around the garden except now he has fresh blossoms. Thank you so much for hosting; it’s been a fun challenge. 😀

    • Melodye Shore

      Welcome to the “gallery,” Christy! So glad you joined us, and now…off to see the beatific things you’ve created for us!

  3. Well Happy Earth Day everyone!
    I have misses these art challenges – but enjoyed catching up with everyone and discovering newcomers!
    My blog is still idle but I’m busy in the studio which is good news. Enjoying using pastel pigments which is as close to Earth Dust (except clay) that I can get in my work! Missing you guys, love and hugs
    Jo xx

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