1. Lovely, especially the video of the ocean lullaby. The last time I relaxed by the sea was the last time I was in California. It does something for my soul that nothing else can do. This is an almost* perfect depiction of “calm.”
    *I don’t find bees relaxing, but I can understand why some people might find that image soothing.

    • Melodye Shore

      Ha, Barb! I see your point. I was actually thinking about the humming sound a contented honeybee makes. But you’re right: the gathering of pollen isn’t all that restful. 🙂

      • Melodye Shore

        Hey again, Barb! I thought about this overnight, and ultimately decided to edit in my first impressions. 🙂

  2. Esther Loveridge

    Ah, places and things I haven’t seen lately but I scoop up calmness with every stroke of my arms and flutter of my feet as I reach my daily goal of 100 laps in the pool at the gym.

  3. This is so beautiful Melodye. I must confess that I stood at the beach the other day in the biggest windstorm of the season, just listening to the crashing and turmoil. It was strangely calming. 😀 Could you please pop round to my blog and see if you can use the link-up? It’s new and untried. If you cannot, I’ll take the link-up down and add everyone in manually. Big hugs.

  4. Gorgeous photos, Melodye!! I am lucky in that we also live close to the beach, although on the other side of the continent. And every time I drive anywhere, I cross the marsh and just seeing the water calms me and instantly makes me take a deep breath. Water always does the trick for me, even the ocean in your photographs! xoxo Silke

  5. Laura Ennis

    It’s been so long since I’ve been to the water, especially the ocean. A few weeks ago I was eating outside at a cafe with a friend and a bee came over to my plate and was eating the salad dressing that was very sweet. Soon he was on my hand and I fed him some kale with dressing from the palm of my hand. My friend was nervous – but he just wanted to eat. My favorite lunch there so far.

  6. Gorgeous photos and poetry! I was lucky enough to do all of the those things in August, during a visit to San Franscisco. I visited Half Moon Bay and for three hours straight sat on the beach with my baby granddaughter and watched whales! Ahhhh, calm!

    Thanks for sharing!

  7. so beautiful, each photo and your little film. it has been so long since i have been to Laguna and I don’t think we ever went to the beach, i bet it looks entirely different. for where i live, the beach is a lake shore.

  8. we do not live close to the beach
    but the sea does always CALM me
    so, that’s why i painted the sea
    for this drawing challenge ;^))
    love your images!!
    and would love to be and walk down that beach….

  9. Yes, YES to being at the sea and just calm done, one way for me that really works and it don’t have to be blue sky and calm sea, windy rough waves also do.

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