1. I cannot wait to hear more about your good news 😀 I have an inkling…

    Oh magic 8 ball, you haven’t failed me yet, and I don’t even need to scroll back to 2012. So, in truth, I’m just going for round two, because what else do I really need? My question…. goodness and light?

    • Magic 8-Ball says: Concentrate and ask again.

      Melodye says: Approach the 8-Ball with a specific question, please. It gets confused by yes/no questions. Oh, and also…Happy New Year!

  2. Magic 8 Ball

    I’m hoping that I know what your surprise is, Melodye. And if I’m correct I’ll be the first one standing in line.

    Oh, Magical 8 Ball, holder of the keys to the future, will I land an agent in 2014? I was so close in 2013 with 3 different agents asking for fulls; I’ve heard back from one who loved my writing but didn’t think NED was for her… am still awaiting word on the other two.

    • Re: Magic 8 Ball

      Magic 8-Ball says: MOST LIKELY!

      Melodye says: !!!!! Not surprised, but YAY! I can’t wait to celebrate this happy occasion with you. When this happens, come back to ask Magic 8-Ball about the book contract, etc.

      Oh, and yeah…the timing isn’t right for what I think you think the secret is. But soon, I hope. Meantime, something super-cool is coming. Can’t wait to spill the beans! 🙂

    • Magic 8-Ball says: CONCENTRATE AND ASK AGAIN!

      Melodye says: I dunno what that’s all about. I should think Magic 8-Ball would’ve come back with a definitive YES! Happy New Year, Jama. Glad that you gave yourself a holiday hiatus (you NEED a sous chef!), but I’m looking forward to the delicious posts you cook up for us on your blog.

  3. Happiest of new years, Melodye! Can’t wait to hear your good news! Thanks for pulling out the Magic 8 Ball again.

    O shiny, wondrous Orb of Eight, who knows all and foresees the future, please accept my offering of tulips which you seemed to like on previous visits, and answer my most humble of questions: Will Brilliant Agent sell SOD in 2014? Thanks in advance.

    • Magic 8-Ball says: YOU MAY RELY ON IT!

      Melodye says: Woo-hoo! Sounds like you’ll be getting lots of tulip bouquets in 2014!!So many good things on the horizon for you, and deservedly so. I’m impatiently awaiting the day I can finally hold your beautiful words in my hands. Soon…

      Happy New Year, Barb. ox

  4. Anonymous

    Please send some Magic my way!

    Oh great and powerful mighty Magic 8-Ball please answer my New Year questions.

    Will I find a home I love and can afford?
    Will we move in before summer?
    Will the money gods smile on me in 2014?

    thank you oh mighty magic 8 … respectfully, Tina

    • Re: Please send some Magic my way!

      Magic 8-Ball says:

      Melodye says: Oooh la la! Sounds like 2014 is going to be a fabulous year for you! I’m thinking champagne is in order… 🙂

      Happy New Year, Tina. I’m looking forward to hearing this good news, which seems likely to come in waves. Let it wash over you, ’cause it’s long overdue & well-deserved. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Re: Please send some Magic my way!

        woo hoo … I KNEW this was gonna be a good year! Thanks Magic 8 Ball!

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