1. Someday, someday…we really need to take a photo journey together, dear Melodye. 🙂 I dream about taking pictures, even…of seeing that perfect scene and wanting to find a way to capture the way it makes me feel.

    • Awwww. But you know how we writers are, Peter. A picture might be worth a thousand words but we like to add a little something extra. Ergo, the internets are awash with pictorial thank-you notes. 🙂

  2. Lovely photos. I do enjoy it when I have a reason to take out my DSLR and can take really cool photos, so I know exactly how you feel right now. Enjoy and keep sharing with us!

    • Mine isn’t a DSLR, as I decided I didn’t want to weigh myself down with so many lenses (and choices). But I do love that it allows me more options than a point-and-shoot. Learning how to use them–blending art and science, without losing the heart & soul of my images–that’s the challenge. I’m happy for the opportunity to share them with a practiced photographer, such as yourself. xoxo

  3. Oh what lovely, lovely photos. Each one is suffused not only with light and color, but with your **vision**. These photos are very much the you I’ve come to appreciate from this blog. I’m very grateful to Peter’s gift to you too, for giving you this tool to express yourself.

    Truly beautiful.

    • Awww, thank you so much. I like that you’re able to see “me” in these images. I’m not interested in adopting anyone else’s style. Learning from others? Yes, absolutely, but not at the expense of losing my own “vision.”

      This is why I love your posts so much: You invite us into your world, show us what YOU see and explain why it is that you’re drawn to the things you are…

    • Thanks so much, Amy. It’s an extension of who I am, and a reflection of what I aspire to be. And for sure, it’s helping me think in new ways about my writing. xoxo

  4. I always enjoy your photo’s. I have a Cannon Power shot camera. I would like to get one of the fancy cameras but this one is doing a good job for my Ebay pictures. The photo I posted yesterday is the result of the sprinkler coming on at 1:00 A.M. in sub freezing weather. The back yard had a very easy look with all of the individual grass leaves covered in ice.

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