1. oddcatout

    Well said. Now I feel so empowered! Every woman I meet I acknowledge, usually with just a nod & a smile, because I want to share the empowerment. And this woman’s empowerment empowered us all.

    • You’re so right! You can FEEL her energy and passion, can see it in every movement and expression. That empowers us all, doesn’t it?

    • Thanks, Jeannine. LOL, I almost made this a photographic essay…the pictures really do tell the story, all on their own.

  2. Catherine Ipcizade


    You’ve done it again. Your reporting skills are especially intriguing because you have such an eye for capturing not only the diversification of crowds but also the attributes that unify those crowds and make them one.. Some of the people in your pictures are wearing t-shirts, some are donning hats, some are linking arms with friends or strangers, and some are simply holding their babies – all signs of looking toward and for the future – all signs of saying “I’m here. Let me show you how this matters.”. The faces, though different, share a common look of hope and determination. Thank you for your eagle eye, which moves beyond the generalized politics and the over-the-top “media shot,” and which seeks to see and report on the individuals and the humanity (both Hillary and her supporters) behind the media hoopla. If only that type of reporting could be prevalent across the media; what an informed country we would have. Excellent work!

    • See, you could’ve written this blog post yourself! I was nodding the whole way through your lovely, insightful comment. Thanks for sharing what you see–same things as I did, what a coincidence–I’m inspired by your thoughts. 🙂

    • I’m so glad. There was SO much energy there. It filled every nook and cranny of that Union Hall, and spilled into the streets afterward.

  3. Jane Wishon

    You captured what it was like to be there perfectly! The man who was first in line had been there since 4am – never again will I wonder about the enthusiasm of Clinton supporters – we may not be showy but we are committed!

    • Wasn’t that amazing? Several people waited from pre-dawn hours until the doors opened, just to be sure they got in to see her….and many of them, not for the first or last time. She is a FORCE! 🙂

    • When we unite for the common good, there is always hope. I’m so glad you stopped by–seeing you here is hope, multiplied.

  4. Kim Baccellia

    Love! So nice to read a post that isn’t bashing another political candidate! I’m a Hillary chica and have always liked her since I read her grad thesis back when I was in college. You have some great photos here!

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