1. Oh YES. I love Buddhist mudras. Looking at them alone–never mind the rest of the statue–puts me at peace. They remind me of dance gestures, too.

    • This set of pictures comes of a retreat session at Land of Medicine Buddha, during which we were encouraged to photograph large statuary from different perspectives.

      I was captivated by the graceful gestures, which spoke to me in a way that the larger sculptures couldn’t. Or didn’t, anyway.

    • I appreciate your kind words, Lorraine. It would be a great honor to see these statues through YOUR lens!

      The retreat was wonderful in countless ways. I’ll do a blog entry about it soon (when my feet touch the ground again, lol). Maybe you’ll be able to join us next year? I’d love that!

    • As an artist, you’d notice these things first, and with a keener eye than I have. I just took note of the fact that, while the statues are similar in many ways, the hues & hands aren’t identical. I like that you describe that as a sort of internal harmony. Very much so. Thanks!

  2. In your third photo, the palm of the right hand of the statue appears to bear some sort of symbol, a kind of truncated lozenge shape. Do you know if this has any particular meaning, or is it a flaw or artifact of the casting process?

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