1. Wow, what an amazing magazine cover!
    And beautiful lyrics to go with it. Thanks for sharing your brightness with us, Melodye. Happy Thanksgiving! xoxo

  2. Hope you and your family have a great Thanksgiving Day.May your turkey be golden brown, the dressing just like Grandmother made, and the pecan pie as sweet as ever.

    • What a sweet blessing! I’m returning the same wishes to you, along with a Thanksgiving hug.

      No pecan pie here, alas, but we feasted on wonderful food with our loved ones–the richest blessings imaginable.

      Speaking of pecan pie: How do you say “Pecan”? What syllable do you emphasize, for instance? I say “Pee Con,” and stress the last syllable. (I love regional accents & also remember that gun-popping noise pecans make when they drop to the sidewalk. That was when we lived in TX.)

      • That’s the Texan coming out in you as you say “PeeCon” like a true Texan and not like a Yankee. :0) We had a great time with my sis and brother in law over for turkey, dressing with all the works and “punkin” pie. My wife heard that pecans were in a short supply and would be $15 a pound imported from China. Just have to do without.

  3. Ah, Sharon, I suspected that would be so. We’re kindred spirits in that way, and I’m glad that we have that (and so much else) in common.

    Hope you enjoyed a wonderful Thanksgiving. Did your son come home for a visit? xo

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