Trash Day

Next week hails Hallmark’s highest of holy days, Valentine’s Day. In advance of that day, you’ll want to clear your heart, head, and household of all things that might interfere with your achieving the love and emotional happiness you deserve.

Or so says California author Marcus P. Meleton Jr, inventor of a relatively new holiday: Dump Your Significant Jerk Day. Mark your calendars and get out your cleaning supplies, ’cause tomorrow’s that day.

Yeah, I know that “significant jerk” is an oxymoron. But perhaps that’s the point…in seeking clarity in our lives and relationships, it’s best if we rid ourselves of conflicting and counterproductive elements. So in that sense, this holiday does make some sense.

If you’re looking for help with bouncing that bum (outside of personal courage and the strength of your convictions), you can do a Google search of the holiday’s name. You’ll easily find quite a few virtual florists and e-greeting card websites to assist you in your efforts.

As for me, today I’m grateful for a heart that’s clutter-free, filled with treasures, not trash.

Melodye Shore


  1. Clutter-free

    Clutter-free is hard to do, or be, isn’t it? Although we’ve all felt its freedom before.

    p.s. I love the phrase “Hallmark’s highest of holy days.” Right on the money.

    • Re: Clutter-free

      I’m looking this morning at the piles o’ papers piled high on my desk, wishing I could be “clutter-free” in ALL aspects of life. =:)

      “Right on the money.” /snark!/

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