1. Carol Baldwin

    lovely picture and memory. I’ve been going through family pix and missing my parents. Haven’t seen your blog in awhile. Are you OK?

    • Melodye Shore

      Good morning, Carol! There’s something so wistful–and yet, deeply fulfilling–about poring over family photos, isn’t there?

      I’m doing well, thanks for asking. It’s only my blog that’s been languishing, lol. I’ve been posting on Facebook almost daily, and Instagram. Twitter, not as often. But I’ve neglected this poor blog long enough, so here I am again! Good to see and hear from you, too. xo

      • Carol Baldwin

        I need to get on Instagram–I understand that’s where the younger folks hang out. LOL. Just don’t have energy/time right now. C u around cyberspace!

  2. Photos are powerful, bringing back lost moments and memories. Although Amy Tan, in her latest memoir,
    “Where the Past Begins,” writes about how photographic records can also be both mysterious and deceiving.

    • Melodye Shore

      I haven’t read Amy Tan’s latest, but wow! That’s a profound and important truth. Thanks for sharing it with me/us here, Barbara–I’m going to order her book right now!

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