1. That’s a wonderful story. Great fun for her and you and a great challenge for her to pull you into the water!
    Thanks for joining Melodye. – eric

  2. Esther Loveridge

    I’ll be heading into the sky tomorrow night close to the midnight hour so I just had to comment on that and how delicious escargot is. Maybe it’s the butter I like best but they really just taste like a nice plump mushrooms – with the butter of course. Regarding stepping out into the ocean. Find a cute lifeguard to hold your camera, that way it will be safe. And when I sit within reach of the waves and let them wash over me, I get so buried that I can’t get back up without help. What a delightful story. Thanks, Melodye and tell Sara hat the hot dogs on a baguette is to almost die for.

  3. liz jones

    Love it! Escargots are worth trying for the garlic sauce. I’d say, enjoy the sauce, skip the slug. But maybe she’ll like them!

  4. That’s the problem with being behind the camera – it often means you’re watching the adventure instead of participating.

    Also, I’m jealous of Sara, getting to go to Paris!

  5. Lucky Sara! I hope she enjoys her French adventure, something she’ll probably remember for life.

    Thanks for sharing these photos, Melodye.

  6. such a lovely post
    the conversations are touching
    the photos so lovely
    the beauty of the beach and life overflows

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