1. Kim Baccellia

    Is this in Laguna Beach? I’ve been to the tide pools a few times. Once I went with son’s second grade classroom. I didn’t go too far on the beach though. LOVE your photos! Makes me want to take my shoes off and walk on the beach.

  2. Karen Reinhart

    Your description made me long for the California shoreline: the beaches, sunshine, ocean air, great names–Victoria Beach, Pirate’s Tower, Sugarloaf Point, Crystal Cove. The Le Tour house story is fascinating, too. On the one hand I’d like to learn more, and on the other, I’d rather just use my imagination and make up my own intriguing tale involving the tower and house. Can one be made homesick for a place she’s only visited?

  3. Pamela

    A magical tour indeed. And you are so right…it looks like it belongs in a fantasy…. just lovely. And the archway with all the mussels hanging down… I would love to pass through there.

    Thanks for sharing the magic.
    Now… go learn to swim 😉

  4. Melodye, Your prose accompanied by your incredible photography always provide a marine biology lesson. I linger, learn and love everything about your shared adventure. I can’t thank you enough for delivering awesome every time.

  5. Terri Coppersmith

    Gorgeous pictures! I think I would have liked Mr. Kendrick (Harold or Howard?) He sounds like a very interesting man. Such an awesome thing to have one’s own private tower! Thank you for sharing 🙂

  6. Tamara

    How very wonderful! When I see something beautiful such as your Pirate Tower I so want to run my fingers over each stone, but your lovely descriptions here and pictures Melodye – I simply feel as if I just have! ♥

  7. Leisa

    Wish I could have gone on that adventure with you. But your photos made me feel like I was there. So beautiful!

  8. Mei-Ling

    Nothing as good for the soul as walking and enjoying treasures on the beach. Lovely photos that make you want to be in them…

  9. I asked my dear husband if he had heard of the tower. He had!
    And, why was this not part of our magical first date in Laguna Beach? I have no idea.

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