1. I love, love, love this program. And this dancing scene always makes me smile. I can close my eyes and see them going through their moves because these characters are imprinted on my memory.

    • Isn’t it amazing that we can hear the music in our head, even when the video itself is silent? Memories are cool like that!

      Oh, sadness…I hadn’t realized you don’t get those shows where you’re living now. Good thing for Hulu, right? (I’ve linked the whole show, FYI, in case you haven’t yet noticed…)

      • Very sweet of you to include the link — but unfortunately you can’t watch hulu outside the US! So I will have to just sit here and enjoy your lovely clip. 🙂

    • Yep, yep, yep!! I get what you’re saying & agree 100%. I like holiday specials that are upbeat and universal, dislike soundtracks that are too treacly or preachy.

  2. It is interesting that looking at this clip with no sound, I immediately heard the “dancing tune” that was being played in this scene by Schroeder, PigPen, and Snoopy.

    I would definitely put this one up there with the animated “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” and “Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol”.

  3. Walgreens has a “Charlie Brown Christmas Tree” and I may just have to get one because it makes one really think about the real meaning of Christmas. Thanks for this post just to remind us of this epic classic that kids of every age knows and enjoys.

    • Oh, that sounds awesome!! I hope that, if you DO choose to buy one, that you’ll post a picture to your blog. I haven’t seen one, but would love to, for the very reasons you’ve mentioned here.

      And yes, I love that some of these holiday specials (Charlie Brown’s Christmas, especially) help forge a bond among generations. True treasures, they are…

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