1. I love this, Melodye! I’m like you in that I could stand for hours watching Mother Nature’s miracles. To me, honestly, there is nothing more wonderful. I’m so glad you shared this precious life with us! And, I think little Sara is very fortunate, indeed, to have you as a neighbor! One of my best memories is of one of my grandmother’s dearest friends who took care to see that my sister and I were schooled in the ways of nature. Much love! xoxo

  2. Thank you for documenting this journey, for those of us who don’t have hummingbirds hatching in our backyards. I’m so glad the little one fledged safely.

  3. Samara Faith is so charming in these photos, especially when she opens her bill to talk with you. And I like the way she hunkers down in the wind, too.

    And you say she had been testing her wings while still in the nest–did she make them go at full blurry speed?

    Thank you for sharing this wonderful journey ♥

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