• I was sandbagged for a time by lingering questions. Now that I’ve collected all the clues I was seeking, I feel ready to write uninterrupted. So…thank you! Your words of encouragement will give me wings.

    • Thanks for the encouragement, S! I’m thrilled with this last interview. At long last, I’ve collected all the clues in one place…a solid foundation on which to finish writing.

    • Anonymous

      larry jaggers Abernathy


      • Re: larry jaggers Abernathy

        Hi Lovella. Melodye here, the writer of this blog. How can I best reach you, to talk about your question & maybe ask a few of my own? Warmest wishes, and looking forward to hearing from you soon…

  1. Wow, wow, wow.

    It seems it would be very hard to stop digging, since every time you go sleuthing you discover more truths and secrets. How do you know when you’re all done, that there isn’t any more to discover? Is it a matter of saying “that’s enough”?

    • Wow is right!

      I don’t think it’s possible to collect every artifact, to record every incident.* Neither do I want to get mired in the tar pits of my past. So…I’m calling a halt to the digging. Now it’s all about the writing, which I believe will flow much easier now. Especially since I have answers to my most pressing questions.

      *LOL, I should write sometime about the myth of the Permanent Record.

      • Calling a halt sounds like a great idea. I was thinking I’d be so very tempted to keep on digging, rather than focusing on the writing….

        I’m excited for you!

        • I should probably be clear about the importance of my Nancy Drew adventures. In no way were they a lark…a sidetrip, if you will. I couldn’t write the story true & complete without the information I gleaned from those experiences.

          But yeah…it’s time now to put words to the page. I’m ready. More than. And I’m grateful for your ongoing support. xo

          • I absolutely knew they weren’t any kind of lark, Melodye! I was just projecting my own weirdness onto the situation, wondering how I’d handle all those revelations, one on top of another. I know you were doing the research you need to write WITNESS.

          • xoxo

            I know, and can very much relate, to what you call “weirdness,” but which I think is probably normal. When the waves crash down on you repeatedly, it’s easier to tread water than to keep swimming.

            And as for the tsunami of revelations, well! Writing memoir isn’t for the faint of heart, I’ll give you that. πŸ™‚

            (I appreciate that you spoke openly about this issue, as it gave me the opportunity to address it.)

    • You are so kind to say this, Laura. xoxoxo

      I was thinking of you just this morning, as I listened (once again) to “Old Friend From Far Away.” Every time I play it, I hear something slightly different. It never fails to inspire me, so thanks again for your wonderful gift!

  2. I love the lines of Robert Frost you chose.

    I’ll miss Nancy’s road trips, but it makes me happy that you’re ready to dive deep into the writing. What a story you have to tell!

    • Isn’t it a wonderful poem? I shivered the first time I read it! So apt for my memoir project, and its spiritual undertones resonate with me, also.

      (Wish we could walk through snowy woods together. Or, hmm, since I’m not a huge fan of cold weather, maybe take a stroll along the beach.)

  3. I’m sorry I missed this. I’ve had such a hard time reading blogs lately but I’m so so so excited for you. What hard work you are doing, not just for your book, but for yourself.

  4. Anonymous

    larry jaggers Abernathy

    my family was affiliated with the rev. o.l.jaggers in the mid 50’s. we went to the yearly l.a. conventions, and stayed in o.l. jaggers home, my father being a minester/friend or mr. jaggers. i was a friend of larry abernathy, and would just like to know how he is doing, and if he is still alive.
    thank you, lovella keller@att.net

    • Re: larry jaggers Abernathy

      Hello again! πŸ™‚

      I am out of town,but would love to talk with you about our shared circle of experiences & acquaintences! I WILL GET BACK TO YOU, I promise. Meantime, I am sure you’ll be happy to hear that yes, Larry is very much alive & is doing well. ~Melodye

      • Re: larry jaggers Abernathy


  5. David Branch

    I came across your extremely interesting information. My mother and I used to attend some of the services at the church, and a dear friend of mine, Catherine Julvez, was heavily involved in the church. I have wondered about Jaggers many times. And last year, around October 2011, I had a dream. about him… It was so very interesting and unusuial and vivid. I emailed Larry a couple of years ago, and he kindly responded, but quite a few months later I emailed him again and I asked him some questions and he never answered. I kind of assumed it brought up some memories he didn’t want to revisit, but maybe I was wrong. Maybe he just didn’t want to answer for other reasons. Anyway. I’d certainly enjoy speaking with you if you wish to.. My name is David Branch, 323-835-7909.

    • Hi David,

      I’m very sorry for the delay in responding to your very kind email. I’d LOVE to talk with you about the things you’ve mentioned here. Would you mind sending me a quick email, so that we can schedule a phone call? My email address is melodye DOT shore AT gmail DOT com. Replace the all-cap letters with the appropriate punctuation, no spaces between words or letters. Looking forward to hearing from you!!

      Warm regards,

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