March 9 is National Panic Day. Truth is, I wish it were today, not tomorrow, ‘cause I could use some panic in my life.
It’s not that I don’t have enough stimulation in my days (I definitely do), and I certainly don’t want bad fortune to rain down on me. It’s just that I’m craving the excitement that accompanies a positive but panic-inspiring, ohmygod moment. An example? Oh, I dunno…how about the thrill of getting “The Call”?
I do my best work when I’m under pressure: I’m an adrenaline junkie who gets a big rush out of rushing around. So while I’m working diligently on my book, I’m also waiting impatiently for word that a deal’s in the works. So I can start panicking. 

Raise your hand if you’re wishing, like me, that someone would hit your panic button.


    • Thanks for crossing your fingers for me!

      About pushing my own red button…hmmm…I’m not sure that would work. It’s kind of like trying to tickle yourself — even if you’re ticklish, you can’t make yourself laugh that way. I have a hard time putting myself into a panic; usually, it takes some kind of external, driving force (Absent a red button, a cattle prod work, too). LOL

  1. I’ve never seen…

    …anybody KNOW so many special days of the month. National PANIC day????

    You’re a wealth of intruiging information!

    • Re: I’ve never seen…

      Don’t panic, LOL: I don’t actually have all this stuff in my head (or calendar). I just read a lot, with a wide-open filter. Still, thanks for the kind words. I really enjoy playing around with the ideas I come across!

  2. I knew they’d come up with a way to sell all those leftover red buttons. So now that it’s March 9th, is panic going to seize me when I hit “Post Comment”? Down the rabbit hole I go.

  3. (raises hand)

    Me, me, me!! Hit me, baby!

    Actually, you’re not the one who can really do the hitting. That job falls to the lovely Nadia. Hello, Nadia?! Hit me!!!!!!

  4. Is it really panic day??
    I like to procrastinate as well as anyone – but I hate the whooshing sounds of deadlines as they fly by (or the dark shadow as they Loom, lol)
    I do need to stop blogging here and get to work now, LOL.

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