1. Kim Baccellia

    You’re so brave, Melodye! And so calm too. I’ve also been even more outspoken after this election. I’ve been so sick to my stomach of the house voting to repeal our healthcare. I just visited my sick elderly mother who relies on Medicare to help with her expenses. What got me is how my stepdad said he had to ask for a loan from his daughter after he got so ill and his little savings was wiped out. I can’t help but think this will get worse for so many people. Yet, the GOP celebrated their ‘win’ by drinking beer in the WH. Makes me ill. My one sister told me, “Why bother speaking out? It doesn’t make a different.” I refuse to believe that it doesn’t. I’ve seen teens(who will be voting in the 2018 election) being more vocal and demanding that their voices will be heard. That gives me hope in the future.

  2. This should have been a small gesture of caring from a bystander. The driver escalated it and forced a scary situation. You stood your ground like a real hero! It’s hard to be consistent and persistent in the face of evil. Your post was inspiring on many levels!

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