1. Kelly Ramsdell Fineman

    I have put my head down and done the work this morning, and feel better for it. Although I’m really wishing I had access to some high school magazines from 1896-1897 just now. They are not online, alas.

    • Melodye Shore

      Have you tried your Library archives? LA County is a treasure trove of historical documents and periodicals.

      Glad you’re getting things done, but I hope you’ll find time to play (or just sit quietly) outdoors.

  2. Karen Reinhart

    Apparently I need to move my sewing machine outside, for I’ve had precious little enjoyment of nature lately. Thank you for the reminder to “get quiet” and to get ” attuned to nature’s beauty, and to the joyful noises all around us. I love you, OS.

    • Melodye Shore

      LOL, Karen. Maybe you really should set up a sewing station on your back deck. Or…come visit! We’ll splash in the tide pools & desert oasis stream again. Love you, too, OS.

  3. I’d like to vote for Bozo the Hummingbird. Better this Bozo than the other one.

    I’ve been decluttering and found my mother’s passport from when she was single and her occupation was “student.”

    • Melodye Shore

      I’m so with you, Barb!! Bozo the hummingbird is a harbinger of happiness; the other guy’s a clear and present danger.

      You found your mama’s passport? How cool is that? Ha, that she listed her occupation as “student.” Here’s to being lifelong students.

  4. These two photos – especially the one where his little gorget is lifted are just fabulous! What a joy to see it.
    However, seeing that person’s name in the heading “clangs” very loudly, doesn’t it! Have people gone mad down there?? When I think of American politics now I get very anxious and I am sure you do, too. As a Canadian with a new, young, smart and liberal Prime Minister, (after heaving a man we referred to as Herr Harper), I am horrified that anyone at ALL voted for that person who is now the leader of the conservative right in your country. Some Americans must be very frightened of too many things to go to that extreme. I truly hope that Hilary wins hands down. I don’t think Bernie could beat “that person”.
    But enough of that. This little beauty is an absolute delight!! And I am so glad he visited you – just when you needed a lift! xo

    • Melodye Shore

      I was so glad for his company, Margaret. Happy he made you smile, too.

      Yes, the name clangs and clatters, and believe you me: my heart thudded when I heard the news that night. I’ll do everything within my power to help keep him out of office, and to usher in a responsible, strong, equally representative candidate who will encourage each of us to reach for our highest ideals & best selves.

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