• Melodye

      Oh, same here! What is there about fat and sugar that smells so enticing?

      It’s harder to stay motionless in a venue that’s anything but. Good practice, though… Thanks for the tip!

  1. What terrific photos. No unsteady shooting here with the camera! We don’t get fairs like this in Western Canada. The only thing that comes close, perhaps, is the Calgary Stampede in Alberta, but even then the magical “art” on food booths really isn’t there. Are there perogy or bannock stands around there? Somehow I doubt it. Lol! We have them at every local event! Glad I get to see what you and the wee one saw, Melodye! xo

    • Melodye

      I’d love to see the Calgary Stampede someday. Hmmm, maybe we should hatch a plan…!

      Nope, no perogy or bannock booths, here. I wonder how many attendees actually sample new foods at the fair (other than the “totally fried” options that spring up every year). Seems to me that most people gravitate toward the familiar…either that, or the outlandish. They actually advertised deep-fried coffee & caviar-sprinkled Twinkies! $125.00 for the latter, and the proceeds went to charity. Generous (and adventuresome) as some folks might be, I’d be surprised to hear they got any takers. http://www.latimes.com/food/dailydish/la-dd-oc-fair-food-20150717-story.html

    • Melodye

      I can’t tell you how much it means that you’re riding shotgun on these adventures, Carol! It’s infinitely more fun, and meaningful.

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