1. What a lovely, life affirming post. Thanks, Melodye. No matter what happens, you always seem to be tuned into beauty, with a heart willing to share. ♥

  2. Yum!

    When I think of growing up, I don’t usually think of being poor. I think of the wonderful people I had the privilege to know who are still building up the people around them, wherever they happen to be now. I agree–being rich in friendships is rich indeed!

    • I don’t know that we’re fully capable of seeing/understanding economic “poverty” — or its counterpart, wealth — when we’re very young. I do, however, believe that we can sense absence and abundance, within the context of our own families.

      Sounds like you were surrounded by supportive people in your formative years…which means, of course, that you were richly blessed. 🙂

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