1. Donna M. Johnson

    Thanks for this post, and for sharing your day at the beach with your new friend. I’m so happy American Girl Doll has introduced Melody. For too long African American history has been relegated to Feb. It needs to be mainstreamed so that we can all understand how history continues to shape race relations. That’s a lot to expect of a doll perhaps, but it’s a beginning. Besides–I love her style!

  2. Cyn

    My girls love the books just as much as the dolls. Melody’s story sounds like a great addition.

  3. Megan Mullin

    These pictures are SO. CUTE. Melody! 🙂

    My Lily just started learning about the civil rights movement in school at the end of last year … so this new doll and book would really strike a chord.

  4. Sheryll Fong

    As sister of the real live Melodye and author of this blog post, I can say that we have shared many adventures together. Some of my favorite memories and fun with Melodye involve walking on the beach as she and the American Girl, Melody have done. She’ll probably kill me for this, but we used to sing In my heart there rings a Melody” in church. She hated it and would say, “Why can’t they sing In my heart there rings a Sheryll”?

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