• Isn’t that great? I think Walela really suits her. I understand there’s also a Native American music group by that name. The YouTube videos I’ve watched so far are lovely.

    • Thanks so much, Rose. Good to see you here!! I feel more comfortable in my new digs, now that my friends from the “old” LJ neighborhood are stopping by to visit. Glad you’re enjoying the photos… xoxo

  1. A nesting bird is a blessing of peace for a home. Mama hummingbird knows she’s safe to raise her nestlings in the quiet shelter of your fuchsia bush. She knows you’re a hummingbird person.

    Love this quote by Ted Andrews, and the thought that our souls yearn to hover around life’s beautiful moments, to fly backwards to savor the beautiful past. Like the hummingbirds, we are sustained by beauty. Thank you for sharing this joy with us, Melodye! xox

    • I’m so glad you came by to see my new blog (aka Momma Walela’s cyber home). I know with a certainty that, were you to stand on my front porch with me, Lorraine, Walela would recognize you as another friend. <3

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