Thankful Thursday: Locksmiths and Opened Doors

When people say something changed their life, I think they usually mean, upon deeper examination, that something has revealed their imagination. A door we didn’t know existed, or always thought was locked, suddenly swings open. Old ambitions, which we were too timid or thought we were too unqualified to realize, are gathered up and reconsidered. A talent judged too small is reevaluated.” ~Phylilis Theroux, The Journal Keeper

I’m drawn like a magpie to shiny-new art supplies, writerly advice from my favorite authors, and photography tips and tricks. I pull inspiration from the ether, and draw from the well of generous friends.

A few years back, my friend Peter Laird encouraged me to stretch beyond the artistic limitations of my little point-and-shoot camera. I’m grateful everyday for that gentle nudge, which really did change my life.  And I appreciate my friend Donna Hopkins, who offers fresh insights on her photography blog, Coming to My Senses. It was Donna who first brought The Journal Keeper to my attention, and the multi-faceted gem of a quote that I’m reflecting on this morning.

Donna is a professional photographer with huge talent and formal training. I’m a self-taught amateur with a bridge camera and a not-so-secret fascination with dusty artifacts, hidden behind locked doors. We are storytellers at heart, drawn together by our mutual interest in photography. As Donna so rightly suggests, it’s a way to describe what’s happening, within and all around us.

Twist the lens.  Adjust the lighting. Snap the same pictures at different times of day, from multiple points of view. Our cameras take us to heart of things, tell stories that might otherwise remain secret.  They swing the door wide open, revealing important truths.