Published Works

Something you should know about me: My alter ego is Nancy Drew. I love creeping through dilapidated buildings, flashlight in hand, and digging for clues in dusty archives. (The best stories are oftentimes buried there!)

I have a curious mind and a deep, abiding love for the written word, as message-bearer and magic carpet. I still pinch myself, honored as I am to be published in co-operative works alongside some very fine authors. My writing also appears in published articles, newsletters, corporate materials, and educational journals—sometimes with a byline, but more often as a ghostwriter. And my favorite writing projects of all involve research trips of some kind. Secrets. Mysteries. What lies in the shadows, just beyond reach?

My roadster’s idling at the curb; I’ve got my notepad handy, and my camera’s fully charged. Hop in—I’ll let you ride shotgun! 

In the Works!

I’m looking forward to the day I’ll be able to share with you my current book project, Can I Get a Witness? Memoir of a Tent Evangelist's Daughter.

"This is my Miracle Baby," my father told worshippers in his tent meetings, "God heard my prayers and brought little Melodye back from the dead!" I basked in my special story, along with the spotlight we shared.

He boasted about attending seminary with Billy Graham; but while "America's Preacher" beamed his ministry around the globe by satellite, we crisscrossed the country in a cramped sedan, holding Pentecostal revivals wherever we landed. From the humorous to the humiliating and horrific, Can I Get a Witness? pulls back the tent flap on my itinerant childhood, revealing all.

The Miracle Baby story – my story – is ultimately about breaking free of religious zealotry and discovering the healing power of forgiveness. Want to know where I am in the writing/submission/publishing process? I’ll be posting updates to Facebook, Twitter, and my blog.