Blessed are the peacemakers

He seems innocent enough, and as cuddly as can be…

But looks can be deceiving!!

So I’ve surrounded the most vulnerable (read: tasty) plants with a rabbit guard fence. It’s worked out well so far…my flowers are thriving, and the bunnies, birds, and butterflies are co-existing in peace.


(You can download this last image for your personal use, but please keep the watermark intact.)



  1. Mei-Ling

    That is the cutest little bunny. Sneaky little guy that he is…So great for them to have a peaceful place to hang together.

    • Melodye Shore

      He’s just doing his bunny rabbit thing! I helped him keep out of mischief–er, my favorite flowers.

  2. Tony

    Hey! Sorry Mr. Bunny. The open salad bar is closed! Looks like you’ll be window shopping from now on. I know. Those leaves are so close you can almost taste them…

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