• Melodye

      That’s the beauty of these Art Challenges–of love itself–don’t you think?

      Thanks for stopping by for a visit! I’m so enjoying your photos on Facebook.

  1. So well found. It’s still a great song after 50 years! Wonderful to have two hummingbirds in your garden.
    Love your Van Gogh quote. Thanks for hosting Melodye.

    • Melodye

      Love your contribution, Eric–at once a heart and pair of wings, it leaves open to our imaginations its myriad interpretations. Thanks for participating in this week’s Art Challenge!

  2. LOVE — my favorite theme! Wendy and Peter are so precious. Thanks for documenting their arrival and progress with such care and tenderness. 🙂

  3. I LOVE seeing Wendy and Peter grow up. It’s such a treat for me that you keep posting their portraits Melodye. The other day I changed the sugar solution in my humming bird feeder. There’s an Anna’s hummingbird here all year and these dreary, cold and wet days are hard on the little guys. I’m so glad that the flowers are starting to open now. Thank you so much for calling this challenge dearest. It’s been so much fun. 😀

  4. so lovely that you get to watch Wendy and Peter! I got to do that once at my neighbors, it was a treasured experience!

    thank you for being our host!

  5. wendy and peter? now there’s a story! and van gogh, hey? i’m gonna write it down in my journal, that quote of is, because it rings so very true, in my ears, as well…

    well, thank you for gathering us this week, melodye. mine’s up too,, at long last, it has demanded a lot of love and dedication, but i got there. now it’s the weekend! ;)))

  6. “(…) in the name of Love (…)
    dear Melodye, thank you!
    It has been a pleasure to make a little art piece for this drawing challenge (you named it ART challenge, that fit’s better, I think!).
    Peter and Wendy? hmm, a ring bells in my head… Peter and Wendy? ahh, Peter Pan?! Lovely couple, here and there. Thank you for watching them growing and sharing. As I have said: you are an artist.
    Thank you for being our host!
    Ariane. Rose

  7. Hello Melody, thank you for chosing this weeks theme! I really like Vincent van Goghs Quote and I guess this is the one and only way to live your life, with awareness for all the wonders and beauty nature and life has to offer. Your photos are wonderful and I love, love Peter and Wendy, all birds in general, but hummingbirds in particular!
    Barbara bee

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