• Melodye Shore

      So glad it “spoke” to you, Carol. I love that you see/experience abundance in your own life, as well…fat thumbs included. 😉

    • Melodye Shore

      Profound, I’ll leave to others who are smarter than I am. But I oftentimes think the “simple” truths are the grandest, in the scheme of things. So fun to see and share them. Thank you for stopping by, Tere. xo

    • Melodye Shore

      Someday I’d like to visit those beautiful mountains of yours–they speak volumes, in a loud voice, and I’d like to listen.

      (But yeah, cold. And altitude. Could you arrange an enclosed gondola?)

    • Melodye Shore

      Oh, thank you SO much. Someone recently mentioned that I’ve got an invisible “signature” on my pics–something in the POV that identifies them as mine. She wouldn’t say more, but suggested I should look a little closer. Hmmm. I’m still trying to figure that out. 🙂

    • Melodye Shore

      Isn’t that fun? We visit a cat conservation reserve at least once a year. It’s a fund-raising event, at night when the cats are more active. They give them all kinds of behavioral “toys,” and treats, to entice them out of their dens. Magnificent animals that they are, they like to maul (and then eat) watermelons and pumpkins, and they’re capable of shredding entire phone books with a single swipe of their claws.

    • Melodye Shore

      The topic is so near to my heart–not a huge secret, I know. I’m glad it resonated with you, too, my friend.

  1. Wow, you are a very good poet who provokes thought! Your delightful photos compliment your inspirational words!

    Thank you so much for sharing!

    • Melodye Shore

      So funny: I’ve never thought of myself as a poet, but these art challenges tend to bring out the lyrical in all of us, don’t they? Thanks for stopping by–I’m looking forward to seeing how YOU’ve interpreted this week’s prompt!

  2. I’ve gone back to look at a few of these: the bird standing in water with perfect ripples and reflection; the visiting deer; the bubble bouquet. Exquisite! Thanks for sharing your abundance of photographic talent.

  3. your personal collection of images speaks of abundance indeed, and it is of course true that we have it all at our fingertips, as long as we are aware, look and behold, and find the moment worthy to stand still and enjoy. n♥

    • We are as blessed as we realize ourselves to be, no outward affirmations required. 🙂

      Hopping over to your blog next–can’t wait to see how you interpreted this week’s challenge!

  4. I truly love this post! At this time of year, there is so much focus, and rightly so, on evaluating and setting goals, preparing to make the new year a time of change. In the midst of all the hoopla, it’s easy to lose sight of the “Ta-Da moments” – the accomplishments, the special moments, the abundance of life. By nature, we seem to hone in on the negatives, on our deficiencies, and yet, when seen as a curated collection, it’s plain to see that goodness prevails. My favorite – a splashy little thing!

  5. hello,
    i wanted to stop by and invite you to DC this coming weekend. I am hosting. Stop by the blog to see if you are interested. (I don’t have your email to let you know about it).

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