• Melodye Shore

      Your words to God’s ears. 🙂

      Grateful for your support, Jeannine, in countless ways…

  1. Patricia Saxton

    Sounds marvelously delicious, in all ways! … even though my own Sunday mornings were more like everyone dispersing to do chores (ie; “go help your father”) or heading to a horse show or daydreaming under a tree by the zucchini as it threatened to take over the entire property. No tambourines waving, no breaking out in group song (but maybe some quiet guitar and piano playing). Also loved your re-telling of your stage experience. Oh Happy Day is right!

    • Melodye Shore

      I remember Sunday morning sermons that lasted for hours and hours, and prayers that went on for days, it seemed–from a small child’s perspective, that is. My stomach sang a mournful tune, tempted as it was by the delicious aromas that wafted through the sanctuary from the kitchen below.

      But when the organist struck the first note, and the lead singer stepped to the microphone, swayed and waved her tambourine…when the choir danced down the aisles to the front row pews where we sat, ohhhh! Never mind being hungry! For me, anyway, that was soul food, at its best.

      Lucky for all of us, we get to create for ourselves the circumstances (and connections) that bring us that same joy in the moment, and that recall for us our happiest memories.

    • Melodye Shore

      Such a kind thing to say, Margaret. May we all be so fortunate as to connect with people (with projects and ideas) that bring us joy. xoxo

  2. Melodye, what a fantastic collaboration. I will look forward to the tweets and learning what makes a Sunday sweet for you and for the others participating. I’ll be sure to share a picture from my church – the Colorado mountains!

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