1. Oh my goodness, Melodye, you just deeply touched my heart. This is true connection and communication from the heart. You are a treasure. Thank you for sharing this with us. Thank you for being you. Huge love and a hug <3

    • Melodye

      Your kind words have touched MY heart. Lucky me, to receive everyday the gifts of your friendship. Love and hugs in return…. xo

    • Melodye

      Thanks, Carol, and Happy Holidays to you!!! I’m inspired always by your blog posts & appreciate that you take the time to read mine.

  2. Kathy Halsey

    A gift from the sea to your new friend, and time to see what presence really is. I am so glad we connected this year. Joy to you, Melodye!

    • Melodye

      Such a joy, our new friendship! Looking forward to lots of good storytelling and candle-lighting with you in the new year. xo

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