1. Caint you HEAR Jerusalem MOAN

    yeah–freaky fishing… or something like that.
    Seems like there was a group in the 60’s that did a lot of that.
    Kind of trades on the whole virgin/harlot appeal factor.
    Well them holy roller preachers now
    they sure am a sight
    They git the women rollin’
    then they kick out the lights.

    Only, yanno,
    in reverse.

  2. I agree with Lizzy_Lyn. Some women I went to school with, including a close friend, are now born again Christians, and while they’re not evangelizing, it was their way out of the sex trade and to literally survive. They’re soccer moms who had a very rough start.

  3. I for one would LOVE to read your interview of them. That would make for some fascinating reading, I tell you. Seriously.

    As for their profession and lifestyle… yeah, I dunno. Strange. But good for them for trying to turn their lives around. That can’t be a bad thing.

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